The Airways

May 20, 2007 · Print This Article

Mrs. Smith has three daughters who are all getting married within the same month. She tells each one of her daughters to write back about their married life. To avoid possible embarrassment to their new husbands by openly discussing their love lives, the mother and daughters agree to using newspaper advertisements as a “code” to let the mother know how their love lives are going.

The first one gets married and the second day a telegram arrives with a single message, simply: “MAXWELL COFFEE HOUSE”.

Mrs. Smith gets the newspaper and checks the Maxwell Coffee House advertisement, and it says: “Good to the last drop…” So, Mrs. Smith is happy.

Then the second daughter gets married. After a week, there is a postcard that reads: “ROTHMAN’S MATTRESSES”. So, Mrs. Smith looks at the Rothman’s Mattresses ad, and it says: “FULL SIZE, KING SIZE” And Mrs. Smith is happy.

Then it is the third one’s wedding. Mrs. Smith is anxious because two weeks have passed and still no message from the third daughter. Then after four weeks comes a letter with the message: “BRITISH AIRWAYS”.

And Mrs. Smith looks into the British Airways ad, but this time she faints. The ad reads: “THREE TIMES A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, BOTH WAYS.”


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