Lost – Funny Jokes

June 8, 2007 · Print This Article

A journalist is wants to do a report on mountain men so he goes out and finds this small farm house in the middle of nowhere. He’s heard that the owner has been there all his life so he figures he could give good information. He asks the man, “What was a good thing that happened to you out here?” The man says, “There was one day when a buddy of mine lost his dog, so about 10 of gathered our moonshine and set out to look for him. By the time we found him we were pretty drunk and horny so we all had our way with the dog.” The reporter says, “Oh my God! That’s horrible! Is there anything better that has happened to you?” The Hoosier says, “Well one time my buddy lost his wife so”…he goes on to repeat the story and ends it with, “We all had our way with her.” The reporter is a again disgusted and says, “What is the worst thing that has happened to you?” The man says “There was this one time that I got lost…”


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