UHH OH! – Marriage Jokes

May 23, 2007 · Print This Article

Once upon a time there was a 50 year old married women. She has seen everything before. When showing of their beautiful bods to their husbands. She has heard about PLAYBOY, COSMOPOLITAN, etc. So she decides that when her husband gets home from works she will be completely undressed and wrapped in alluminum foil. Her husband; John had a semi_tough day. He expects the usual when he gets home his wife will have the table set and the would have a very good evening together until they went to bed. When he came in the door he called his wife and he heard ” Come hear i have a surprise for you.” So he walks into the kitchen to find his wife laying down on the dining room table completely undressed and wrapped in alluminum foil. She says “So what do you think hunny?” The husband says “UHH OH LEFTOVERS AGAIN!”


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