The Sex Life of a Man

May 22, 2007 · Print This Article

When the Creator was making the world and all its inhabitants, he called man aside. I’m bestowing upon you,” the Creator said, “twenty years of active sex life.” Man was dismayed. “Only twenty years?” he protested. “Great One, that isn’t enough. Can’t you add a few more years?” But the Creator shook his head. It was twenty years or nothing, so man glumly sat down. The monkey was called forth. He was offered twenty years of active sex life too. But, the monkey suggested humbly that ten years would be quite enough, since he seldom lived longer than that anyway. Immediately the man leaped up. “Can I have your extra ten years?” he cried excitedly. “Of course,” said the monkey graciously. The lion was then called forth and the Creator made the same offer. He shook his mane. “Mighty One,” he roared, “I’m a monogamous animal: therefore, ten years will be enough for me.” Again, the man stood up. “Can I have the lion’s share also?” he asked eagerly. Both the lion and the Creator agreed, and the man sat down elated. The donkey was then called up, but when the Creator offered him twenty years, he balked. Sire,” he brayed, “I want to reserve some time for eating sweet clover. Ten years is ample time for me.” The Creator nodded, then turned and looked at man. “I suppose you want his ten years as well?” Man smirked and nodded. “So be it,” said the Creator and turned away. And that is how it came to pass that man has twenty years of active sex life, ten years of monkeying around, ten years of lion about it, and ten years of making an ass of himself.


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