Church Lady Joke

May 20, 2007 · Print This Article

A man was asked by a coworker “How’d you get the black eye?” The man responded, ” In church last Sunday when we all stood to sing, the big fat woman in the pew in front of me had her cotton print dress stuck in the crack of her rear-end. So I leaned forward and pulled it out. At which point, she turned around and slugged me.” Time passed and a few weeks later, the same coworker asked the same guy how he got another black eye. The response was: “There I was in the same pew behind the same woman in the same print dress. When we stood up to sing the very same hymn, I noticed that the woman’s dress was smooth in the back, and I thought she liked it the old way, so I leaned forward and tucked it in.” WHAM!


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