Newfie Joke

May 22, 2007 · Print This Article

A guy gets into Toronto after a long trip from Newfoundland. He arrives at the hotel and asks the Bell Hop for the name of a certain “Lady Friend”. The Bell Hop reaches into his pocket and finds a slip of paper with the girls name and phone number.

The newf goes to his room and calls the girl over. Upon arrival she gives him a price. “It’ll cost ya $100 buck a night”.

The man asks her to stay for three nights. At the end of the third night the lady says “hey your one of the sweetest nicest men I ever met, Where you from?”

He replies “Newfoundland, St. Johns” she says “ME TOO, Where in St. Johns” he replies “River Line Road # 43”

The lady friend looks astonished and says “I live at #41, That is quite a coincidence”

The man replies “Yes, and by the way, your mother asked me to give you this $300 dollars”


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