BBQ – Funny Jokes

June 8, 2007 · Print This Article

A husband & wife are outside doing yard work. The wife bends over to pick up something and the husband looks over & all he sees is

ass! He say’s to his wife, Honey, your ass is as big as our barbeque!” To which she replies, “Hush your mouth & leave me alone.”

The husbands keeps it up, knowing he’s getting on her nerves. “Yep”, he says, Just as big & wide as the ole B-B-Q.” Well, his

wife had enough, & went into the house.

Later that night when her husband was in bed, he was watching his wife get undressed. He soon found himself aroused. As his wife

got into bed, he started to kiss her. Just then his wife rolled over & said, “Honey, I ain’t firing up this grill for a little



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