The Death of a Consultant €¦ Joke

May 22, 2007 · Print This Article

There was this successful consultant who died and went to heaven. Upon arriving at the Pearly Gates, he is surprised to see them swing open immediately. Before him was the most marvelous sight he had ever seen. A multitude of angels with harps and trumpets began playing the most beautiful music. Cherubs were tossing rose petals and singing the most enchanting heavenly song, all in his honour. St. Peter himself walks out in all his majesty and extends his hand to the man. “Welcome, my brother”, St. Peter says, “We are so happy to have you join us.” The guy is flabbergasted. He stares around in awe at his welcome and asked of St. Peter: “Wow, this is amazing. Does everybody get this kind of welcome?” St. Peter replies, “Why, of course not. You know it’s not every day we welcome someone who’s lived 140 glorious years!” The consultant scratches his head. He is confused. “But, St. Peter, I am not 140 years old, he confesses.” St. Peter is shocked. He looks through his records quickly and says: “But, but you must be. We added up all your time sheets.”


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