Poor Golf Score – Golf Joke

May 22, 2007 · Print This Article

Joe MacDonald and Bill Orff were playing golf at a public course when they came upon a barn right in the middle of the fairway on the fifth hole. Not wanting to waste a stroke, Joe said to Bill, “You go over to the barn and open both the front and back doors and I will shoot the ball right through the barn. Bill responded, “That might not be a very good idea because one day last week, my wife, Ethel, and I were playing golf at this very same course and we also came upon this barn in the middle of the fairway. I asked her to hold the doors open and I was so exhausted playing that I got the worst golf score ever.” Joe didn’t understand how trying to get through the barn could be so bad. So he asked, “What happened?” Bill went on, “Well, Ethel opened the doors and I took a beautiful swing and the ball sailed through both doors nicely but hit Ethel in the head and she fell down dead. After that it was take a shot, and drag Ethel, take a shot and drag Ethel.


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