400 – Funny Jokes

October 3, 2007 · Print This Article

There once was a woman named Betty, she had a husband named George, and George had a friend named Steve. One day Betty was home alone and Steve came over and they were talking and he suddenly said “I’ll pay you 100 dollars to show me one of your breasts”, Betty got to thinking and said “All right”, well she did and they started talking again and a little while later Steve said Ill pay you 100 dollars to show me the other one.” She did because 200 dollars is a lot of money. Then he said “I’ll pay you 200 dollars to show me both at one time and she said “Ok She was thinking, Im going on a nice shopping spree! Then George came home a little later. Betty said “Steve came over today”, and then George said ” Did he bring me the 400 dollars he owes me?”


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