THE DINER – Funny Jokes

February 13, 2008 · Print This Article

A guy walks into a diner, sits down and is waiting to give his order. He looks around and sees a sign, “$500.00 CASH if we cant fill your order!” He thinks, “How can they do that? I know, Ill get them!” The waitress comes and he says, “I want a white elephant scrotum sandwich on rye bread!”

The waitress says OK and takes his order to the kitchen. A few minutes later, all hell breaks loose in the kitchen – yelling, cussing, pots and pans being thrown around, etc – sounds like the kitchen is being torn apart.

Soon the owner comes out and lays 5 $100 bills on the table in front of the customer. The owner says, “Well, you got us. I have to admit though, in over 5 years of doing business, this is the FIRST time we have EVER run out of rye bread!”


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