Georgia Hunting Trip – Funny Jokes

June 8, 2007 · Print This Article

Two Georgia good ol’ boys,are out hunting and, completely by accident and for the first time in all their hunting years, manage to shoot a buck. “What do we do now?” asks one. “How should I know?” retorts the other. “He’s too big to carry — I guess we’ll have to drag him.” So each of the boys grab one of the deer’s hind legs and, grunting and sweating with the effort, start dragging him out of the woods. After about half an hour, they pass a forest ranger, who watches their labored progress with a barely suppressed smile. “Say, you boys interested in a little advice?” asks the ranger. “Sure!” “Well, now, you might have noticed that this animal has been provided by nature with a couple of nice strong antlers. Now I don’t mean to tell you boys your business, but many a hunter finds it a good deal easier to take hold of an antler than a hind leg.” The boys are delighted. “Hey, thanks, mister!” And the ranger disappears back into the forest. About an hour later, one of the boys breaks the silence. “That ranger guy sure was helpful. It’s so much easier to hold on this way.” They trudge along for a few more steps. “Yeah,” replies the other hunter. “But we’re just getting farther and farther away from the truck.”


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