Ostrich, kitten and genie – Funny Adult Jokes

June 8, 2007 · Print This Article

A man walks into a bar with a kitten that looks like its furs been shrunk and an ostrich. They all order drinks and it comes to £10.46, the man reaches into his pocket and brings out exactly £10.46. The bartender is amazed but says nothing. The next day, the man, ostrich and kitten go to the bar again and this time the drinks come to £13.29, again the man has the exact amount. The bartender asks how he does it. The man says. “I was walking down the road one day and I saw this old bottle on the ground with a label that says ‘rub me’ so I did and a genie popped out. For my 1st wish I wished that whenever I had to pay for something the exact amount would always be in my pocket.” The bartender then asked about the kitten and the ostrich. “That was my 2nd wish, it didn’t go so well. I wished for a chick with long legs and a tight pussy!”


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