None of your business – Funny Jokes

June 8, 2007 · Print This Article

A woman and her son were in the kitchen one afternoon when he just returned home from school, the young boy soon asks,” Mother how old are you? Thats none of your business!,” the mother says, “how much do you weigh?”, he then asks, “That’s none of your business!”, the mother replies, “Why are you and dad divorcing?”, he asks again, “That is none of your business!” the mother replies again.

So the next day he asks his friends how to find out this information about his mother, Go and look at her drivers license,” they suggest.

So after he looks at her license he confronts her, “Mother, I know your 32 and you weigh 156 pounds and I also know why you and dad are getting a divorce.” Astonished by this the mother asks ,”Why?”, “Because you got an F in sex.”


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