Remember the 80’s

May 22, 2007 · Print This Article

You know you’re an 80’s child if:

You had either Donnie & Marie or Kiss dolls
You wore jelly shoes
Your wardrobe consisted of atleast 2 Heavy Metal T-shirts (I owned a Pink
Floid one)
You ran home from school to watch Leave it to Beaver reruns, Hurculese
You had Wonder Twin Powers
Tarzan Dan played your favorite music on 680 am
You know what The Champ meant when he said “I lost it….”
You played Black Sabbath’s record (yes, vinyl) backwards on your Mickey
Mouse record player to hear the Devil speak.
You thought Lief Garret was cute.
You wore pins of your favorite bands (Duran Duran, Depeche Mode…….)
You have a Sharon Lois and Brahm record and know all the words to Skinna
Marinki Dinki Dink….
Your parents took you to the EX and you rode the Wild Beast and lived!
You were there for the opening of Wonderland
You thought Olivia Newton John was hot (Pamela Lee was our age then, but wow
she’s blossomed!)
You watched atleast 1 episode of “Blossom”
Your “shows” were: Good Times, Eight is Enough, Family Ties, and you know
who JJ is.
Your Mom watched Dallas and Falconcrest religiously (well, not my mom)
You wore acid wash jeans
You safety pinned your jeans to make them narrow and tight
You wore penny loaffers & Polo shirts 2 sizes too big for you
You had a zipper leather tie or 2, and yes you had them in all colours
including yellow( That would be my brother David).
You rode the Red Rocket (remember the lights went on and off all the
You owned stickers that said “Gag me with a spoon”, and, “Like Fer Sure”,
and talking like a Valley Girl was Totally Awesome.
Indiana Jones, ET and Star Wars were REAL to you
Your bike had a banana seat
Bo and Luke Duke were heros to you, and their cousin Daisy was pretty sweet
You wore Desert Boots
You wore Loves Baby Soft or Polo Cologne
You remember when Drew Barrymore claimed she was no longer an alcoholic
infront of Nancy Regan & the World.
You think SCTV was funnier than Saturday Night Live. It was in the 80’s!


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