This short film displays 3 hilarious commercial!

May 26, 2008

Airplane Video Humour – Funny Jokes

October 27, 2007

Joking around combined with Flight and Aircrafts have GOT to be my absolute favourite combo. When people get creative enough and put something cool together, I love watching the end result.

This commercial is an example of how Xbox is working hard to get creative¦ the aircraft look quite real (aside from a few of the obvious impossibilities)¦ I would kinda like to take one for a spin¦ And as always¦ adding a German to the mix makes things even funnier somehow¦

The Translator – Funny Video Jokes

October 24, 2007

In this video, a translator is needed for a very important international corporate meeting. The guy is at the end of his rope looking for a translator… after all, he doesn’t want to loose the business. Thank goodness, a fine young lady comes to his rescue…

Men’s Antique Show – Funny Jokes

October 23, 2007

Modeling the tried and true format of the Antiques Road Show, some people in Britain have decided to create a new up and comer!

Men’s Antique Show

Protect Yourself – Funny Commercials

October 20, 2007

This one is really tough to watch but it ENDS really well. This commercial originates in Europe… those people really tell a good joke.

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