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How to be funny: What Makes People Laugh?

February 24, 2012 · Leave a Comment 

Is it because we need stimulation of all sorts that we want to laugh? Does telling silly jokes fill a void or act as something to take our mind away from it all? WHO CARES? Below are the six good reasons for telling silly jokes, funny stories and anecdotes: 1. BUST THE TENSION: When I have completed a serious job at the end of a work day, I like to be with others who will ease the tension – naturally and without booze or stimulants – that is – relating some jokes or funny stories. Even at a ‘wake’ I... [Read the full story]

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Italian cruise ship goes down faster than these one liners…

February 13, 2012 · Leave a Comment 

Good One Liners for you to tell… Costa Concordia cruise ship was asked if they knew where they were headed just before they sank… in reply the captain may have said… –> “off course.” How is liquor served on an Italian cruise? –> On the Rocks What side dish does your dinner come with on an Italian cruise? –> Leeks How do you find the fastest exit on an Italian cruise? –> Follow the captain The Costa Concordia is probably the most expensive thing to go down in Italy –>... [Read the full story]

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Awesome Old Spice Commercial

Hi, I will keep this post simple, check out this video… One of the guys from work posted this on his facebook… good work bro…  Read More →

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Who’s Your Favorite

For all the Dad’s out there… this video is perfect… Earlier today I was browsing facebook and happened upon a video posted by my wife… I am tempted to... [Read more]